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Why I Have Yet To Write A Web Host Review

It may seem strange that you’ll find no “web hosting reviews” on a site that… well, began with the idea of providing just that. There are a lot of great web hosting providers out there, plenty more bad ones. There is a need for honest reviews, but

11 Free WordPress Themes For Bloggers (And They Don’t Suck)

WordPress is a ubiquitous CMS and blogging platform, used by bloggers, businesses, and people all over the world. If you are like me, you probably change themes like most people change shoes.. or maybe you just like creating new websites. Whatever your poison, it’s safe to say

Launch A Professional Website for less than $100

Content marketing has become more than just a catchy phrase. It creates opportunity. It drives traffic. It helps put you higher in the search engines. Blogging helps you carve out a name for yourself. It does require a time commitment, but the cost beyond that is virtually