Blogging Tips: How To Get More Blog Comments

Blogging Tips: How To Get More Blog Comments

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Blogging is not for the faint of heart. It requires spunk, creativity, dedication and, most of all, talent. Most often, people thrive at blogging when they are writing in a niche that they are accustomed and interested in writing about.

However, even the most engaging content can use a slight bit of tweaking in order to generate conversation. Comments from users make any blog more engaging and can cause debates and controversy that is necessary for any blog.

So what can you do to make sure your blog is going to generate the most activity and engage readers to comment?

1. Make Your Content Engaging

While this might seem like a no-brainer, engaging content will be the top generator for invoking commentary from your readers. No one wants to read boring content. Create a post that will push boundaries and, quite possibly, startle your readers (in a good way).

Those who agree with your train of thought will be your largest support. These commentators will give an opinion on much of your content and can cause a very interesting debate with the opposition.

Keep in mind that writing your content engagingly also entails keeping thing tactful. While boundary pushing is acceptable, make sure you do not do it in a disrespectful manner. Readers who disagree with your blog post will still follow and comment you if you ensure not to blatantly disrespect their way of thinking.

2. Give Your Readers Something to Ponder

Leaving a blog post with steady information, but keeping it open-ended will cause better engagement. Asking a question at the end of the blog can easily persuade readers to comment with their opinion. If you do this, ensure you tell them to comment underneath in the “Comment Section” of the blog post.

If questioning your readers seems too blunt for you, then leaving a debatable ending conclusion will be advisable. Often times, acknowledging the opposition and “walking a mile in my shoes” type of writing will be necessary.

Show your readers that, although you have your opinion, you can see the other side of the spectrum. Those who agreed with your opinion might better explain your point. Those in opposition will respect you for seeing their side and not acknowledging as flat our wrong.

For example, if you own a rehab center blog, acknowledging the reasons as to why a person would not seek treatment would help influence better conversation. Those who do not want to seek treatment will see you are not trying to force your views on them. In fact, you are giving them a choice and not saying one is wrong and one is right.

Whatever method you choose, give your readers something to think about by the end of the reading.

3. Comment Back

This is one area where bloggers tend to forget about and can easily ruin their credibility.

When your commenter says something such as, “I love your article and it is so inspiring.” take time out of your day to comment back to that commenter. Nothing infuriates a commenter more than not being acknowledged when they support you and your page.

Even more, promptness is a key factor. When a comment is being made, try your hardest to get back to that person in a timely fashion. Never seem “too busy” for your readers. Let them know that you are looking back at them for feedback.

When people see, you reply back, it gives them a greater opportunity of returning and commenting repeatedly. Likewise, when others see you commenting, they will be more inclined to engage as well.

Engagement begins by showing the same support to your following as they do for you.

Don’t Give Up

While these three tips might not seem adequate enough, know that they are here to assist you with your comment rate. However, they are not going to make results happen overnight either.

Dedication and patience will be key when it comes to your blog. When you continue your practices and continue to make content that is worth reading, you will notice the readership increasing as the months go by.

Forget about frustration – use that energy to make your blog thrive.

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